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Woodworm service in Poole

Quay Point Plastering are experienced in woodworm eradication and the treatment of wet rot and dry rot. All timber treatments are backed by a 30 year bonded guarantee backed by: Biokil Crown Ltd. Reg: B6665265.

Woodworm is not confined to old properties and can appear on any untreated wood. Quay Point Plastering will identify and advise the most suitable treatment for your property.

Woodworm is caused by the grubs or larvae of a wood boring beetle. In the UK there are three sorts of beetle that generally cause woodworm. The Common Furniture Beetle, the House Longhorn Beetle and the Death Watch Beetle. Generally the House Longhorn and Death Watch Beetles are only found in the south of England.

Quay Point Plastering
Quay Point Plastering

Quay Point Plastering are approved
BioKil contractors for the installation of a new damp course & timber treatment.

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Dry Rot is caused by a fungus and will affect timber that is damp, often caused under the floor by lack of ventilation. This can be from condensation, leaks from washing machines or dishwashers or from leaking roofs. Penetrating damp or rising damp can also provide the right conditions for the fungus to flourish. The eradication of dry rot in your property is essential as it has the potential to proliferate quickly causing widespread structural damage.

Wet Rot is also caused by a fungus and will only thrive where there is perpetual damp. So if you have a leaking pipe or roof that allows the timber beneath to get and stay wet steps should be taken to repair the leak and treat the wet rot infestation.

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