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Plastering in Poole

Quay Point Plastering

Quay Point Plastering have over 35 years’ experience in all types of plastering in Dorset, from a small single room to internal and external property refurbishments. We are approved contractors for all types of Insurance work and approved carriers for the removal of building waste. We are very pleased to offer all our clients a free, no obligation assesment for any of our plastering services, where we will visit the property, offer professional advice and provide a quotation for the work required, as we are not VAT registered, this will help keep your costs down.

Quay Point Plastering
Quay Point Plastering

Quay Point Plastering are approved
BioKil contractors for the installation of a new damp course & timber treatment.

Services We Provide

Dry Rot surveys in Dorset

Quay Point Plastering can carry out a property survey to identify the cause of the rot issue you may have. Identifying the cause of dry or wet rot is the key to solving and preventing it’s return. The fungus can take hold of the wood and timbers in a property and with certain conditions it can spread causing damp walls, floors and ceilings, without treatment it can spread through brick and plaster in search for more timber.

At Quaypoint Plastering we can identify the root cause of the problems and then set about the treatment and check the ventilation that could cause the problem to return. Here is what we do to treat Dry Rot in properties:-

  1. Damaged wood Removal: We remove the damaged wood as well as the contaminated areas of plaster, brick, floor and skirting boards.
  2. Treating the Dry Rot: All structural brickwork and timbers that may be affected will be treated with a chemical fungicide to stop the fungus from returning and also help to stop infestation from Woodworm.
  3. Timber Replacement: When we are sure that the dry-rot has been removed from the property, we will start to replace the wooden timber with pre-treated new timber.
  4. Curing the moisture problem: We will finally provide a cure to the moisture problem by providing new ventilation ideas and solutions that will help keep the area moisture free.

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