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British Gypsum has recently launched an innovative new product – Thistle Magnetic Plaster.

The plaster immediately turns any wall into a creative space with hundreds of options for you to personalise it.

Magnetic plaster will not affect electrical goods or Wi-Fi as it is not actually magnetic, it’s just attractive to magnets so people that are concerned about interference with pacemakers and other sensitive electrical equipment need not worry.

As the plaster attracts magnets pictures, posters, decorations, certificates and the like can easily be attached to the walls with magnets without damaging the surface. If you add clear lacquer paint to the wall you can even let the children loose with their felt tips as the surface can be easily cleaned.

Magnetic plaster is particularly useful in the office or in industrial situations where any walls can be turned into notice boards, white boards for training purposes or just a great interactive space for your work force to use. For any plastering in Bournemouth call us for a free quotation today.

New Refurbishment products Launched
Mapei UK has launched Ultratop Loft F and Ultratop Loft W, a highly decorative cementitious product that can be used on walls, floors, staircases and ramps to create a range of modern wall and floor finishes. The products should appeal to designers wishing to create a stylish and contemporary finish to floors and walls. The products can be used to create a classic trowelled or mottled effect. Available in two standard colours they can also be coloured to create an extensive range of colours.
Both products are ideal for creating original floors and walls which will appeal to those looking for something different. The product can be used in both new build or refurbishment projects and can be used to produce a variety of contemporary stylish walls and floors, ideal for creating a distinctive designer appeal. Due to its rapid drying time and resistance to abrasion Ultratop Loft can be used for a wide range of applications where heavy pedestrian traffic is likely, including residential and commercial areas such as shops, restaurants. For all your Dampproofing in Bournemouth, requirements call Quaypoint Plastering today.

British Gypsum has announced three for its specialist board products to follow the launch of its first five environmental product declarations last year,. The latest environmental product declarations are for: 6mm Glasroc F MULTIBOARD; 12.5mm Glasroc H TILEBACKER; and 15mm Glasroc F FIRECASE, which have been produced to simplify sustainable solutions, They are currently the only UK manufacturer to release product specific declarations, which make it clearer to identify the genuine environmental impact of a product.

All the environmental product declarations give independently verified information on environmental performance of the life cycle of a product solution from start to finish. Heidi Barnard, sustainability leader at British Gypsum, said: “Quite rightly, clients and end users are demanding greater transparency on the environmental impact of a project, and as such, every material and component used in the construction.“As EPDs are based on clearly defined EU-wide rules and regulations, they give an indicator of performance that is reliable and transparent, and mean specifiers can be confident in the choice they are making. The independently verified EPDs also allow specifiers to gain evidence for project certification, with no extra cost.”